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Local News

Inflation Continues to Cool Nationwide

Inflation in the United States continued its downward trend, as consumer prices rose three percent this year through June, a significant decrease in the previously skyrocketing inflation trends, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LGBTQ+ AZ Advocate Reacts to Gov. Hobbs Executive Orders

It’s been just over two weeks since Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs issued two-pro LGBTQ+ executive orders which ensure gender-affirming care is covered by state health plans and prohibits state agencies from funding or supporting what is known as conversion therapy

Arizona’s ‘Radically Different’ and Hyper-Partisan Legislature

The Arizona legislature has been in session for 184 days with no end in sight. Of the many things one could say about this unique session, which has been filled with a half-dozen extended breaks, one thing has been certain for many Capitol regulars: This session has been more tense, more partisan and contentious than previous sessions.