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Arizona Gas Prices Go Down


Anzhe Zhang

Gas Prices continue to look good for Arizona, dropping by 16 cents, since last week. Compared to neighbors like Utah, where the average price of gas is $3.54, and Nevada, where it’s $4.13, Arizonans are paying among the least for gas at $3.59 on average in the region.

Due to a litany of factors ranging from inflation, higher post-quarantine demand, and the Russian-Ukrainian War, gas prices in Arizona have skyrocketed this year, with regular gas prices peaking at $5.39 on average back in June.

The $3.59 average is lower than the $3.72 average just a year ago, a rare exception in a year of high gas prices, while Arizona also had one of lower average gas prices in the region.

The northern part of Arizona directly bordering California and Nevada often had the highest gas prices. In Mohave County it was $3.81, while in Coconino County it was $3.80.

Pima County had the lowest gas prices this week at $3.16, while Santa Cruz County trailed not far behind at $3.30.

By comparison, the national average of gas for this week was $3.18 per gallon, nearly 40 cents lower than gas prices in Arizona.